Winter Elope Weddings at Lower Barns Boutique Venue

As the sun hangs low in the sky, winter is one of the most romantic times to be in Cornwall. Tucked away from the frost in Nook, Cranny, or any other of our luxury boutique accommodation in Cornwall, you could feel as though you were in another world!

Winter weddings are hot because they’re so cool!

In the winter, Cornwall reveals a special magic that is usually reserved for the lucky people who live here. Booking a stay at Lower Barns ensures you get to feel some of that magic too.

Whether it’s witnessing the formidable winter storms from the goldfish bowl of bars on the beach, feeling the kiss of mizzle on your cheeks as you wend in and out of inlets, or snuggled up cosy, hidden in one of our private suites, you will find Cornwall a romantic destination where you can hunker down and get romantic. This is why so many people are choosing the destination of Lower Barns to have a secret, hassle free elopement wedding in Cornwall.

Step back in time

Winter in Cornwall makes room for the old mythical Cornwall, as mist clings to the moors and rolls in from the sea. Few people can be seen, which emphasises the connection with the landscape. With ships emerging from the mist in Mevagissey harbour, and the awe inspiring icicles formed from sheer cliffs at Boscastle, the winter in Cornwall brings fairytale beauty.

Stormy seas

There’s something incomparably cosy about winter. The heart pounding thrill of exposure to the elements as white horses ride in and batter across rocks makes us feel so awestruck by nature. Sipping a hot chocolate or even a bottle of fizz helps us feel protected from the elements. This is something winter in Cornwall guarantees: being up close with nature, and yet being sheltered from the storm.

Just the two of us

Remember in 4 Weddings when Andie Macdowell says the immortal line, “is it raining? I hadn’t noticed”? Well, the joy of elopement weddings lies in the same sentiment. Some couples come to Lower Barns just so they can huddle up together and barely see a soul. We can arrange delivery of breakfast to your suite, so you needn’t socialise, and you can scurry around like a pair of big kids to claim solitude in the spa!

Christmas lights

One sign of the modern times that makes Cornwall shine in winter are its lights. On the harbour waters of Mevagissey, Looe, Fowey and Mousehole, the Christmas lights shimmer, creating patterns and breathing magic into the air. With Christmas markets smelling of spice, and a winter wonderland at nearby Eden, the winter offers many different things to see and do in Cornwall. To enhance your wedding with magic, wrap up in faux furs and feel the chill ebb away with a Cornish ale or bottle of red.

Endless sunrise

Here on the South Coast we are blessed with amazing sunrises, and in the winter, these are leisurely affairs. Bringing a palette of neon and pastel pink thought to orange and yellow, the winter skies make for some of the most romantic in the world.

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