Who jumped on the Registrar’s desk during the wedding ceremony “I do’s”?

t’s a sunny afternoon, The Wed Shed is ready with flowers, it’s quiet and peaceful for the runaway wedding of Paul and Irina, with Mike and Janie as witnesses. The Registrar has kindly welcomed everyone, including Pringle the dalmatian; the atmosphere is perfect and very personal. At the special moment as Paul and Irina are looking into each others eye’s and saying “I do”, Pringle has a brilliant idea; realising he is in the wrong place and dragging Janie behind him on the other end of the lead, and with Janie shouting “COMING THROUGH!!” he jumps right up there on the Registrars desk.

It’s most likely the ‘film blood’ running through the veins of this super lovable and cuddly dalmatian; his Grandfather was the star in ‘102 Dalmatians’ and maybe it’s also his natural curiosity but he doesn’t want to miss a thing.

Staying in The Hideaway, he got his own private garden and to enjoy his breakfast with Paul and Irina in the gypsy caravan. While they enjoyed juice, fruit and granola, Pringle lapped up the yogurt.

Pringle is never more than 3 feet away from Paul or Irina and they wouldn’t have considered being married without him there. There are loads of things to do with dogs locally at Lower Barns, with the Lost Gardens of Heligan up the road and miles of beaches and coast paths.

This spotty chap gets all eyes on him through his looks and his character and saying anything other than “I do” to him would be a mighty challenge! With Pringles they say “Once you pop, you just can’t stop”, well we haven’t been able to stop talking about this Pringle.

Thank you Paul and Irina for bringing Pringle and for all the fun and laughter he made.

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