Wedding registry etiquette

Registering for wedding gifts is widely accepted these days and we’re all for it! It’s a win win, because not only does it mean you’ll get things you’ll actually use, but it also takes the stress out of gift shopping for guests. With that in mind, here are a few wedding registry etiquette tips to make it an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Write up a wish list

First of all you need to work out what you already have, so dig around in the junk drawer and go through the linen cupboard and make a basic inventory. From this you’ll be able to draw up a wish list. Think about any obvious gaps you have: perhaps you’ve always scrimped on pans or fancy upgrading your bedding. Make sure you consider your lifestyle when compiling your wish list – there is no point registering for things that won’t get used.

Register at a few places

Register at 2 or 3 different stores, as this allows guests a good variety of options. It also means you have more items to choose from! It might be helpful to include one big store, such as a department store or online shop such as Amazon.

Read the fine print

It’s always too small and incredibly boring, we know, but it’s a worthwhile task! Different shops will have different policies, but it’s worth acquainting yourselves with all of them – imagine arriving home from your honeymoon and discovering the exchange policy had already run out!

Pick a range of items

You don’t have to register for crystal and china if you’re not going to use it; these days you can register for anything and everything. That could mean weights for your home gym, luggage for your travels or a piece of beautiful artwork you’ve long admired. That said, it’s worth putting a couple of traditional items of the list for any conventional guests who might be more comfortable sticking to tried and tested gifts.

You should also vary up the price points of your items so that guests of all budgets can buy you something. Don’t shy away from a couple of more expensive items – a group of friends might decide to chip in on a big ticket item rather than buy you smaller individual gifts.

Say thank you

It’s important to show gratitude and, in the days of email and instant messaging, there is something very special about receiving a handwritten note. When you receive your gifts make sure you make a note of who gave you what, then you can thank them personally in a handwritten thank you card.

What will you include in your registry? Let us know below!

Love Janie x

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