You’ve decided on a budget, tracked down suppliers in your price range and your new BFF is a spreadsheet.  Make sure these little unexpected costs don’t trip you up ahead of your big day.

Trials: If you’re having your hair and/or make-up done by a professional, chances are you’re going to want at least one trial to make sure you’re happy with everything. This will either bump up the overall price or will be an additional cost, so make sure you find out and update your spreadsheet.

Beauty treatments: Likewise, consider if you’re planning to have any extra beauty treatments before the big day. Whether that’s a manicure, spray tan or a facial, or something Lower Barns style like a Lazy Man’s Yoga, you’ll need to budget for it.

Alterations: You’ve found the dress of your dreams and it’s stashed away for safekeeping until the big day arrives. But don’t forget about alterations. Most dresses will require a little altering, whether that’s taking the hem up or taking the whole thing in.

Underwear: There’s a high chance you’re going to want some specific undergarments for your dress. That could mean shapewear or a specific type of bra to suit your dress style. Whatever the weather, make sure there is room in the budget to allow for this.

Postage: Wedding stationery can be pretty expensive on its own, but don’t forget to factor in the stamps. Save money by skipping the save-the-date or go entirely paper-free with an online invitation.

Thank you cards: It’s nice to send a note of thanks afterwards to let guests know you’re grateful for their presence and presents, if applicable! Make sure you have some money left over to buy or make some cards and send them out.

Food: It’s a good idea to eat some breakfast before heading down the aisle. If it isn’t included in your accommodation, (it is at Lower Barns) make sure you pick up some supplies for you and your bridal party so you don’t go hungry. On that note, make sure you supply your suppliers with wedding meals too. Your photographer is likely going to be working 8+ hours so they’ll need some sustenance to keep going.

You: Many brides and grooms forget to add themselves to the final list. Don’t forget to take yourselves into account when giving a final number for meals and booking accommodation.  

Post-wedding costs: If possible, it’s handy to budget for some of the common costs that crop up after your wedding has taken place. For example, your dress will need cleaning and preserving and you’re going to want to print and frame some of your favourite photographs.

Can you think of anymore unexpected costs couples should budget for? Let us know your ideas below!

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We would love to hear your thoughts on our list, maybe you can think of something we have forgotten, please let us know below so we can help wedding couples plan their perfect day!


Janie x

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