Unexpected small wedding surprises

I was one of those that wasn’t bothered about a big wedding, both budget and people and certainly not interested in the traditions. We lived together because we loved each other. But then when we were expecting our first child we realised that we wanted to confirm who would be next of kin for each other and very much particularly our child. We wanted to do the paperwork.

We had a small wedding in Banbury Registry Office with our close family and just a few friends. Afterwards we went to a lovely Cotswold pub for a private meal, a bit of a do and a sleepover, as our family had travelled from Cornwall. At that time there wasn’t a choice of venues like there is now but believe me, I would have been to Lower Barns like a shot if it had been possible. It’s exactly the kind of place, style and do that I was manifesting.

Lower Barns gives all the things I was looking for. Somewhere to be together with closest family and friends but also have some space. A place where you can eat together but not in a formal way, and enjoy your favourite food. Being able to bring your own booze is great as it means avoiding a big bar bill. Music, bring your our own music and play it in great surroundings. Nothing corporate whatsoever. Real fire, twinkly lights and candles. Surrounded by lovely things everywhere you look; art, furniture, accessories, gardens, table laying, the list is endless. And beds, really good beds and bathrooms. A place where every room is different, so it’s inspiring and interesting, “Come and look in MY room, there’s a gypsy caravan in the garden!!!” kind of vibe. And a special place to hold the ceremony, designed to be small, intimate, imaginative, atmospheric and beautiful. And hosts of course, people with smiles, who obviously care about what they do and the details that make the difference. And to top it all, it’s in Cornwall, my favourite county with it’s unique light, amazing beaches and light, vibrant energy.

When we decided to go for a small wedding, I was worried that people would feel snubbed or offended to not be invited. But not so, the most beautiful surprise was that so many people, some who we seldom saw, got in touch with letters and cards and wonderful stories behind their wishes for us. The love and kindness was immense and enduring. I formed a deeper connection and meaning with these lovely people and felt a level of maturity I had not known before.

I learnt that we did the right thing to be firm in what we wanted. I wanted small and meaningful, not big fuss and big expense. For us renovating our cottage and investing in our baby’s future was more important. Our wedding was no stress, with some little creative twists and lots of spontaneous fun on the day. Every memory I hold is cherished and the benefits I found were way more than I had ever expected.

Whether you choose a big traditional do or a small romantic runaway elopement, the popularity of getting hitched continues and the benefits are all around us.

Does this ring a bell? Would love to know what you think and hear your stories.

For me, it’s great to be part of the team at Lower Barns and feel the joy in small and intimate elopement weddings; and I have to admit to an urge to renew our vows.… Why not eh?

Love Rachel x

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