Tips for a stress-free wedding morning

After months of meticulous planning and organising – your big day is here! With these simple tips, you can have a stress-free wedding morning, so you’ll be feeling as relaxed as possible before making your trip down the aisle.

Be organised during the lead-up

It’s impossible to chill if you have 101 things left to sort on the morning of your wedding. So do yourself a favour and get everything tied up the day before – that way you won’t be running yourself ragged making last minute arrangements.

Have a relaxing evening the night before

Once everything is in place and organised, try and start to unwind the night before. Some brides like to do a little pampering and we can’t think of anything more de-stressing then a nice massage. If you’re getting married at Lower Barns check out our lovely spa treatment list. If you’re staying in Nook (or have exclusive use) why not sweat away your stress in our courtyard garden sauna? Or, alternatively, chill out in our Jacuzzi hot tub. With a glass of wine and a spot of stargazing, you can’t beat it.

Allow enough time in the morning

Rushing does not equal a chilled bride. To get your zen on, make sure you allow enough time in the morning to do everything you want to do. Speak to your hairdresser and make-up artist (if you’re having them) to make sure you leave enough time for them to work their magic.

Treat yourself to some me-time

How do you relax best? If you’re a yogi for example, get up 30 minutes earlier and get in a few sun salutations. Or maybe you’d like another quick dip in the hot tub? Failing that, a Buck’s Fizz always goes down a treat!

Enjoy breakfast

You’re probably going to feel like a bag of nerves, but it’s worth eating something even if you don’t feel like it. It’ll help settle your stomach and it might be a while until your next meal. Stick to something familiar and if you’re feeling very nervous, perhaps go for something plain and simple like toast or porridge.

Have make-up and hair trials

You don’t want to find out on your big day that you don’t like your hair in a fancy up-do or your face with a bold lip colour. So book trials for both your hair and make-up and don’t leave anything as a surprise on the big day.

Take some music with you

Whether you’re into The Spice Girls, Led Zeppelin or Bon Iver, bring along your favourite tunes to help you get in the mood.

Get the right crowd

You’ve heard the phrase too many cooks spoil the broth? Well, too many wedding morning visitors spoil the calm! Pick a few of your nearest and dearest – usual contenders include mums, grans and best friends – to keep things cool and calm and under control.

What will you do to have a stress-free wedding morning? Give us your top tips below!

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Love Janie x

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