Throw an extra considerate wedding

From providing brollies in the rain to keeping hunger at bay during the photos, these simple steps will help your guests feel looked after and extra loved on your big day.

Save the date

It’s a good idea to send a save the date out as early as possible, particularly if you’re wedding falls during a traditionally busy time of year like the Christmas or summer holiday season. This will minimise the risk of guests having to turn down your invitation due to prior arrangements.

Serve canapés

If you’ve got a bit of a wait between your ceremony and your reception, keep hunger pangs at bay with a selection of canapés. You don’t need to organise anything over the top or particularly fancy, but a few nibbles could be the difference between satisfied and ‘hangry’ guests!

Ask for food allergies

Food allergies appear to be an increasingly common concern, so when you send your invitations out it’s a good idea to ask if guests suffer from any allergies or intolerances. The same goes for finding out if any guests are vegetarian or vegan. Once you’ve heard back, you can discuss options with your caterer that make sure everyone stays happy and healthy.

Check access is suitable

If you’ve got any elderly or disabled guests on your guest list, it would be a good idea to pick a venue with suitable access. Climbing up a steep hill to say ‘I do’ might be no problem for you, but it might be a whole different story for Great Aunt Edna. Speak to your venue about access and you may find that they have certain provisions (e.g. they may be able to transport elderly/disabled guests to difficult locations).

Keep kids entertained

Bored children do not make for a fun wedding! So to keep little faces smiling, make sure they stay entertained. You could create a ‘kids only’ table and stock it with quizzes, treasure hunts and disposable cameras. You could even hire entertainment with your mini guests minds, like face painters or magicians.

Have a quiet area

While you and your beau might think dancing into the wee hours is fun, it could get a bit much for some guests. Of course, they could simply retire to their rooms when they’ve had enough, but you could go the extra mile and set up a comfy quieter area. They can take their drinks and cosy up for a proper natter.

Be ready for all weather

We live in the UK, so there is always a chance of rain! Be prepared with indoor areas and some thoughtful extras, such as brollies for any outdoor snaps. Likewise, if it’s a scorcher of a day you could help guests stay cool and safe with sunscreen and plenty of shady spots.

Are you doing anything extra considerate for your big day? Let us know below!

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