The meaning behind ‘tie the knot’

We so often call getting married ‘tying the knot’ but I had no idea about the story behind it. It has been introduced to me by couples eloping to Lower Barns and then my Mum, Alice, used it as part of the blessing she gave to Della and Joe when they were married two weeks ago.

It’s a true lovers knot that goes way back in our history….and of all the knots it’s the strongest to untangle.

It’s bond will not break as it becomes even stronger when under pressure.

Each person holds a cord representing the past and their personal uniqueness and individuality.

These are the special qualities each brings to the marriage, as they fasten the rope together, their actions represent the present – the moment when two lives are joined into one common purpose.

The completed knot represents the couples future, secure in the knowledge that their relationship will continue to be strong, despite the inevitable changes life will bring.

Although the Fishermans Knot is one of the simplest to tie, it’s also one of the sturdiest; as stress is applied, the knot becomes even stronger.

If the goal of marriage is to achieve a blending of hearts and lives, then the spaces between the two pieces of rope formed by the knot represent that there also needs to be spaces in new married life, so each may encourage and nurture the individual growth of the other.

It was at this point during the blessing that Alice asked Joe and Della to pull on the rope, so that we could all see it strengthen under pressure, while still allowing us to see the individual cord.

She said “Just as your support of one another, as beautiful and blessed individuals strengthens your union – now pull the ropes tighter – as you hold one another in mutual concern and shared respect, may you continue holding each other tightly in your hearts, forming a strong bond now and forever. Let this love knot indicate the strength of your love and may it be a symbol from this day forward”.

Did I have a tear in my eye? Yes. Did everyone else? Probably! It really was so meaningful and romantic.

Did you already know the story of the Fishermans Knot? Have you seen it happen at a wedding?

Please share if you know stories, new or old, that are used in ceremonies. I love learning about them.

Janie x

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