Small boutique elope, runaway weddings in Cornwall

Seasoned with sunshine, sand and saffron, Cornwall has long since been a destination assimilated with romance. Where else can you get wed with the sound of crashing waves, secrets in the sea and serene and secluded gardens. Wending through the hidden pathways, waterways and caves, Cornwall is home to many unique secrets. This individuality reflects that which we look for in our partner and so an ode to your loved one need find no more suitable place than the land of Cornwall.

Here at Lower Barns, we take care of everything for your special day; runaway, elopements being the wedding trend of the year. From plumping up pillows to providing pukka picnics, to laying back in the Hot tub watching shooting stars as theres no light pollution around us. You will feel a sense of peace and romance at this gem of a small boutique wedding venue.

Imagine waking up to the sound of the ocean, breathing in the salt spray and feeling sand under your toes on your special day. Whether or not you choose to get wed right here in our purpose built wed shed or in one of the many registered sites in Cornwall, the county is riven with reasons for reaching the decision and readying yourselves for the riches matrimony will grant you.

She Comes In Colours Everywhere

From the first peaks of snowdrops and crocuses in the early winter to the brilliant daffodils shining through spring, flowers mark the seasons in Cornwall for extraordinary lengths of time. Hardy year round gorse illuminates hedgerows; imparting its floral coconut scent over the summer, where thorny heathers denote autumn. Cornwall is awash with natural colours which provides an illuminating backdrop your special day.

Whether you choose to come and use the wedshed for just the two of you (Mike and I would love to be your witness on your wedding day) or rather prefer to bring your nearest and dearest and have everyone stay within our boutique grounds, we can take care of as much or as little as you want.

Why choose elopement?

People choose elopement weddings for a number of reasons. Their history is often associated with Gretna Greene in Scotland. Originally the prerequisite for a wedding is to register in the parish so as to ensure that no objections can be raised. However, these days they have become more popular because it gives the family (most notably parents who fund the wedding) plenty of time to prepare. Contemporary couples prefer the independence of getting married under the own volition in a more intimate setting.
Elopement weddings are a more stress free version of the big deal, whist also being more personal without breaking the (parental) bank!

Massive weddings can be really overwhelming and some people opt for this low key and exclusive kind of setting to make the whole thing relaxed.

These days, few people subscribe to organised religion, and even if they do, these may not be the same. This is where elopement weddings can be a popular choice to keep everyone happy.

Whatever your reasons for choosing an runaway wedding, we can ensure your special day is taken care of.

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