Love them or loathe them, New Year’s resolutions remain popular. Even if you don’t stick to them perfectly, setting goals is useful for working out what you really want in life. And while we wouldn’t say no to a six-pack or a promotion, sometimes it is worth digging a little deeper and extending the same thoughtfulness to your relationship. Ask yourself which areas need nurturing this year. Here are a few resolutions we can get behind (and still eat cake)!

Reject tech
Technology is everywhere these days, but don’t let it get in the way of your relationship. Having an iPad screen wedged between the two of you makes it kind of impossible to connect. So make a resolution to enjoy some tech-free time together, whether that’s once a day or a week. The point is to turn your gadgets off and reconnect in person.

Improve your health
You love one another greatly – so putting time and effort into improving your health is one of the most loving things you can do. If you’re starting out, it can be a little daunting so grab a partner and make a health related resolution together instead. This could be to try a new sport or activity, quit smoking or work on your healthy cooking skills as a team.

Learn to fight fair
Communication is vital in any relationship. Disagreements are bound to happen when two entirely separate people enter into a relationship; it’s how you handle them that counts. Work on making sure you both feel heard and your respective opinions valued.

Get your house in order
This one isn’t sexy, but it’s a must. When two people decide to share a life together, a certain amount of ‘life admin’ is to be expected. Instead of burying your head in the sand about various boring bits of paperwork, set a resolution to work through it together. This might involve sorting out the admin side of your wedding, planning your wills or getting your finances in order. You’ll feel so good afterwards.

Do date nights
It’s easy to think we see our partners all the time – after all, we see them every day. But life can get in the way. A sweet solution? Schedule weekly, fortnightly or monthly date nights. Take turns organising and remember that they don’t have to cost a lot. It could be a board game night, a coastal walk or giving each other a massage. The idea is to get away from everyday life for a few hours and spend some quality time together.

Compliment one another
When you’ve known someone for a while it’s easy to let praise slide. You’ve told them about their amazing culinary skills / beautiful face / impressive organisational methods a hundred times before! But it’s nice for little things to be noticed. So make an effort to say thanks and praise your partner when they do something that makes you smile.

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