Renewing your Wedding Vows 2 Day package staying in A Hideaway

Julia and Rob found love with us at Lower Barns 2 years ago. With family and friends, they celebrated their love with an elopement wedding and have been on honeymoon ever since. As a surprise, Rob wanted to share their 2 year wedding Anniversary at asking if he could have an afternoon tea party for 2 and if possible renew their vows with a blessing to each other. With this in mind, I asked one of our in-house-celebrants if she would like to take the service and write a small verse.

To Rob and Julia,

In the beginning, you were given the opportunity to come into this beautiful world and experience all that there is.

As you grew you began to understand how challenging life might be, so you decided to set about finding someone to share your life and journey together.

You discovered love in all its splendor, this love you both share comes with a simple commitment and will last forever.

Do you remember when love first appeared you became light of step, at that point my friends your new chapter began and little pearls of wisdom came flowing into your lives?

Then comes a day when you will be reminded of the time you both made that solemn promise to share your walk, in the small hours you may whisper you are still my sweet heart, my love, my best friend.

This commitment to your love is the biggest and most precious pearl of all as it’s for your purse of life, if you both remember all this then you would have truly loved. 

Now its time Rob and Julia, to speak of the Fishermans knot for it’s a true lovers knot that goes way back in our Keltic history, of all the knots it’s the hardest to untangle once connected it will not break under any pressure.

For these two pieces of rope, you now hold represents your past present and your future, your promises of a deeper love you once again wish to bring to your marriage as you fasten your rope together.

This action represents the present the moment when you rejoin your two lives into one common purpose, look now at your completed knot as it represents your future secure in the knowledge that your relationship will continue to be strong despite the inevitable changes life will bring.

All thought the Fishermans knot is one of the simplest to tie, it’s also one of the sturdiest as stress is applied the knot becomes even stronger, the goal of a union is to achieve a blending of hearts and lives. 

Just like the spaces between these two pieces of rope formed by the knot, let there also be spaces in your new beginning, so that each may encourage and nurture the individual growth of the other.

I ask that you both pull on your rope so that we can observe it strengthen under pressure while still allowing us to see the individual rope. Its now time to support one another as beautiful and blessed individuals you strengthen your union.

I ask you to pull your rope even tighter as you hold one another in mutual concern and shared respect may you both continue holding each other tightly, and in our hearts may this strong bond last until your days are done.

Let this knot indicate the strength of your love to one another.


If you’re looking to renew your vows to each other and would like to chat further about our Tea Party for two ceremonies why not give us a call 01726 844881 or email me at We would love to make your day a special occasion for the both of you.

Wedding Blessing £900

  • Monday to Thursday 
  • Staying 2 nights Bed and Breakfast in The Hideaway with private garden.
  • Breakfast in bed or the privacy of your own Gypsy caravan in a south facing Garden.
  • Ceremony in The Wed Shed or The Shack.
  • Champagne, Tea Party 
  • Check in from 3.30 pm,
  • Check out at 10.30 am.
  • Deposit of £500.
  • Bring Your Own Booze (No Plastic)
  • 50 photos in the Garden with Mike

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