Recycle your beautiful bouquet

Wedding flowers deserve to be admired, so why not preserve your bouquet to enjoy long after the big day is over? Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Air dry

This vintage method involves hanging your stems upside down in a cool, dark place such as a wardrobe or pantry. Leave them to totally dry out (this usually takes about a week) and then spritz with hairspray to help preserve. You’ll be left with a gorgeous, muted bloom – the perfect statement accessory for a shabby chic bedroom or vintage lounge. If that’s not your style, you can use the dried out flowers as a starting point for another DIY project.


If you don’t mind changing the shape of your bouquet, why not turn it into some aromatic potpourri? Take your dried out bouquet and gently remove all of the petals. To turn them into potpourri simple place them in a stylish bowl and add a few drops of fragrant oil. To make it even more sentimental, choose a fragrance which reflects your bouquet and you’ll be reminded of your wedding each time you walk by.


If your bouquet is as pretty as a picture, why not turn it into an actual picture? For this method, you should press the petals flat so they look as perfect as possible when framed. Layer your petals between sheets of wax paper and cardboard, it works best with blooms that are naturally flat such as violets and pansies. Once you’ve layered the flower, plonk something weighty on top – ‘War and Peace’ or a similarly chunky book is a good bet! You should leave it to dry for several weeks. Once dry, carefully arrange your flowers on backing paper and slide into place in the frame. For a modern look, show off your blooms in a glass floating frame.


For a festive spin, opt for some beautiful bloom-filled baubles! When you get the Christmas decorations out and decorate the tree each year you’ll be reminded of your special day – what a sweet tradition! All you need for this are some baubles with removal caps. Simply pop the cap off, very gently push the individual petals through (you may need to curl them) and then re-cap. You could even use lace from your veil or a leftover wedding ribbon to decorate the outer layer of the bauble.


Charities such as Floral Angels ( gladly accept wedding flowers, which they pass on to those in need within the community, such as women’s refuges, care homes and hospices. They’ve found this small gesture often makes a world of difference to the recipient of the flowers.

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