Reasons for eloping

A wedding with a long lead time, hours and weeks spent planning, involving other peoples ideas and decisions, inviting people you haven’t seen since you were a child, not agreeing on the cake or the colour of the bows on the chairs can be a wedding planning reality. All this means compromise. It can also mean big budget. Quite frankly this type of wedding never has been for everybody.

For some people sealing their love quickly is most important as well as having money to spend on other things, like a honeymoon. It doesn’t mean they don’t want their wedding to be special. They still want the most romantic venue, the best hospitality, hand written vows, to be wearing a beautiful frock and have a cake that says something about them.

So elopements and runaway weddings are becoming more important and popular.

They are good for couples who :

  • want to get married quickly – say one is in the forces and being stationed miles away for months.
  • want something unique and mystique to be able to dash off to and maybe take a couple of friends and family.
  • prefer a different type of wedding reception, like on return from honeymoon. Or maybe even more than one for different groups of family and friends.
  • are just totally into the meaning of the commitment and the act itself and feel that the planning and complications of a big ceremony turn a wedding into something that they just don’t want.
  • are not religious and don’t have a local minister who has known them since they were children. There are lots of really lovely celebrants ready to help tie the knot.
  • are undertaking lots of other expensive things like going on honeymoon, buying a house and having a child. It makes a lot of sense to skip the big expensive ceremony and reception, to runaway and elope, have a fab
  • honeymoon and then a party on return home.

Sound familiar to you?

If you have an idea that you would like to elope to Cornwall and fancy talking to us at Lower Barns about having a wedding with up to 20 people, we’ll be pleased to hear from you. We love to make your special occasion unique and memorable and can put you in touch with lots of the very best local suppliers for things like cakes, flowers and hair.

The Wed Shed, here in the garden at Lower Barns is ready, as is The Lounge and The Shack is almost finished, but in the meantime here are a few links to love songs, poems, films to put you in the mood and romantic places to visit in Cornwall (outside Lower Barns), for the perfect Cornwall Elopement wedding.

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