Real Weddings: Tash and Rachel Didn’t Want to Leave…


Rachel and Tash got married with us last Saturday – Tash in a fantastic suit and Rachel in a vintage dress

They exchanged some really lovely and very personal vows…

“Tash, when I think about the life we have built together I feel complete. Because you have loved me I am finally happy with who I am and the life I am living, and I can never thank you enough for that.

Lucky does not come close to how I feel being able to call you my wife. You love me completely, care for me unconditionally and spoil me far too much. You follow me to the strangest places, whether it’s following a giant shrimp in a hat in Florida or singing the Scissor sisters in a hostel in Florence.

Your smile lights up my heart, your eyes make me melt and your laugh is my favourite sound – especially when you’re laughing at me. Please never stop being exactly who you are, because everything you are, is perfect.”

“Rachel, you are my best friend and my soulmate
You changed my life in so many ways and no words can ever explain how I feel for you.
If you promise to be my wife…
I promise to always let you sing the harmonies
I promise cook chicken for you whenever you want it
I promise to watch you do little dances around the house and react appropriately
I promise to soothe and snuggle you
I promise to enjoy the blue sky days and be there for grey sky days
I promise to sometimes let you win at mini golf
I promise to help you with our reptilian ‘sons’
I promise to try every day to make you laugh even if its AT me rather than with me
Most importantly I promise to love you no matter what.”

They left us the most wonderful review on Trip Advisor (thank you, girls!):

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