Proposing in Cornwall: fine ideas

Cornwall is the land of dreams for many. With its stunning coastline, dramatic hills, and year round colours, there is a lot of natural beauty in the county to attract people who are looking to get wed. At Lower Barns, we pride ourselves on the wonderful weddings and marvellous memories that have been made in our luxury accommodation in Cornwall.

Our little purpose built wed shed is the ultimate in quirky chic for runaway weddings. We can fit just the two of you, or up to twenty guests at your elopement wedding in Cornwall. So, you know you want to do it. You’re pretty sure they’re going to want to do it too. Maybe you have already discussed it, and are just seeking the exact right scenario. Here, we have a few ideas to help get your creative and romantic ideas moving around your mind!

The Portable Restaurant

One of the most romantic scenes I can remember from being a child was walking along the pipeline in Boscastle to the site of the new pier. Here a table and chairs (complete with gingham cloth) was laid out with a chilled bottle of wine. In a traditional fashion (well, it was the 80s), the man had gone down and set up the table, prior to his bride to be getting there. Just as she turned the corner and saw the portable restaurant, she may have guessed what was happening. She definitely said yes, though!

Written in nature

The beauty of Cornwall is that it boasts several secluded beaches with spectacular views. These can be fantastic places to pop the question, with a little help from forward planning. Whether you decide to write it in the sand, or spell it out using pebbles, you can ask your loved one to marry you, with nature getting the terrifying question out for you!

Setting up the beach before you lead them to a cliff, we like the story of just calling them over to “come and see this” in an excited fashion. When they get there and see the hard work, they will melt in a romantic fuzz!

Under the sea

Again this requires a little forward planning, as many good things in life do. When you and your other half are planning on a day of swimming, take some special items such as champagne, the ring and anything else that has a sturdy container down to the sea. You’ll probably need to do this before they get there, hiding them under water, but within reach. As you splash about romantically, and look for fish, you can excitedly exclaim, “what’s that?” pointing into the water. When you have secured their interest, pull out the ring and pop the question. Then you’ll need the rest of the stuff to celebrate!

If you have any other ideas, be sure to share them on our face book page, or twitter, so you can help to make other couples’ dreams come true!

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