One of our lovely brides shares her special day

Hi Janie & Mike – 

First of all, we wanted to say a big thank you for making our wedding such a wonderful day. We still can’t believe what a perfect, relaxed day it was. Our guests were amazed at how wonderful and intimate it all was. We’re so pleased with the photos as well, really enjoying sharing them with the people who couldn’t be there. They are amazed at how beautiful the place is.

Finally got around to our review, it’s been a busy couple of weeks seeing family and also preparing for baby’s arrival. 

Something old, something new…

Although we were having the kind of wedding that you wouldn’t class as “traditional”, I couldn’t help but want to adhere to the old superstition; “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”.

The first thing was my wedding dress, which was new. Second was something blue; the first flower I crocheted for my kissing ball was made of blue wool.   I was so pleased to make the first one; “this won’t take long!”, I thought. Let me just say to anyone planning on making something like it, give yourself at least a couple of months! I was still crocheting flowers the day before, with my husband-to-be and maid of honour wielding the glue gun to get it finished in time. My arm was aching the next day.

My something old was a diamante choker that my Mom gave to me as a teenager, which I always love to wear whenever I can. I’m a magpie when it comes to sparkly things, and I couldn’t think of anything nicer to match my outfit. 

Right up to the day, I couldn’t find anything to borrow. I thought I’d have forego the full set, until the morning before my maid of honour presented me with a little Cornish pixie from a nearby gift shop, with strict instructions to return him eventually. I tucked him inside my kissing ball for the big day, and he’s still hidden in there now. 

As I walked toward The Shack to get married, I showed my daughter and god-daughter, our flower girls, the little pixie hiding in the kissing ball and explained about the saying. My daughter patted my pregnant tummy and said “No, there’s your something new!” 

Once again, thank you so much for the everything, and we can’t wait to return one day to see you.

Thank you!

Jo & Nick Mullally-Watts

We would like to say ‘A very big thank you to you, Jo and Nick’, your day was beautiful, heart felt and full of fabulous little touches making it exquisite and unique.  Good luck on your married journey!

We send our love and hope to see you again soon,

Love Janie and Mike x

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