A Majestic Feathered Ring Bearer for Brian and Fiona

“Janie and Mike have put so much effort into creating a unique, quirky and tranquil venue with such vibrance. Nothing was too much trouble, the food was absolutely scrumptious, the accommodation and facilities were immaculate and very well appointed. Thank you from the Carboys.”

Last month Fiona and Brian shared their wedding day with us at Lower Barns and, as well as their nearest and dearest, brought with them a very special guest: Merlin the Eagle Owl, who’d travelled all the way with Martin from Dartmoor Hawking – much to Fiona’s surprise! 

He was the most unique and wonderful ringer bearer we’ve ever seen! Fortunately, he didn’t fly off with the rings and everyone had the most memorable day… 

“That was a really special day! What a unique way to deliver the rings for Fiona and Brian’s wedding. The look on Fiona’s face was unbelievable. And what a gorgeous owl.” – Mother of the Bride

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