Lower Barns Elopement White Wedding Day

Lower Barns Elopement white Wedding Day

The First snowfall of the year is an opportunity for all kinds of wintery pleasures – sledging, building snowman, bunking off school and work – but the greatest of all is having your wedding day in the setting of the Cornish country side in the snow. 

This winter has bought us all many challenges. Wind, rain and more rain sunshine, frosty mornings and now snow.

Here at Lower Barns we have had the whole of February off decorating, building, making new paths to double digging out a new veggie and flower patch in the garden.

Making it all look gorgeous for this coming wedding year and B&B. My first Wedding for March and with it came many challenge not only for us but our wonderful guest to get to Cornwall. Sam and Mary our bride and groom set of from Oxford on Thursday morning with not a thought of the weather as they had chosen a winter early spring month to say “i Do”. Arriving at www.lowerbarnsweddings.co.uk early afternoon for tea and cake – crackling fire burning away in one of the Hiding places Cranny awaited them. There 4 guest set of later but only managed to get as far as Exeter as the snow as predicted came in abundance.Thinking they would have to spend the night in the car. What are friends for. Lucky one of their old college friends lived half an hours walk away from the motorway they where stuck on. Knowing they where safe and would all get up early and hopefully get to us for a hearty breakfast.

So Mary and Sam decided to settle down with the silence of snow fulling all around, a bottle of champagne and a dip in the hot tub. Can’t think of a better way to start your elopement, honeymoon with a dip, bubbles and picnic of cheese and pickles…

Waking up to sunshine, snow a tree fallen on my car and a burst pipe it was breakfast as normal. My bewildered wedding party arriving with stores of their adventures on the long journey to Cornwall. Mary and Sam estatic to have their friends arrive safely and of course to be with them on their wedding day.

Everything was fulling into place, so by 2pm the registrars, cake and stunning flowers by http://www.annasflowerbarn.co.uk/welcome/ The colours and flowers Mary had picked just melted into the snowy feel of their magical white wedding day. It was cold but the sunshine shone over this heavenly part of Cornwall. Photos, confetti and a snow ball fight just added to the laughter these guys shared together.

If ever there was a time for comfortable pleasers, it’s the new year. Sharing with your nearest and dearest friends on your wedding day.

Our day was filled with merry, comfort, forage, mellow, carefree journey shared with these guys. Funny how a drop of snow can bring out the inner child in us all.

If your looking to elope to Cornwall i can’t guaranty snow but i can promise you the memory of lower barns will last a life time. As we Truly, madly love sharing our home with everyone we meet along our incredible journey.

If you would like more information just email me janie@lowerbarns.co.uk or check out our web sight www.lowerbrnswedding.co.uk we would love to share your day with you guys,

Janie x



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A smile lasts a moment, the memory of Lower Barns lasts forever

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