Love poem for you on this beautiful Easter Sunday

Happy Easter to you all.

From all of us at Lower Barns, we wish you all a wonderful day with those you love.

This beautiful poem by our friend Wendy Harrington, called ‘Real Love’ is our gift to you today. Hope you enjoy it.

Real Love

Real Love is not the initial passion,
The spark or the flurry
That puts your heart in a hurry.

Real Love is not the animal attraction,
The giddy obsession
Or need for possession.

Real Love is deeper than this
it is all there really is.

Real Love is what we all are,
No judgement or shame
No guilt or blame.

Real Love sees the perfection in all,
It’s a heart wide open
Not just a token.

Real Love is not fragile or can ever be broken,
It’s not dashing or charming
Secret or alarming.

Real Love is not smitten or clouded vision,
It’s not a projection
Or the object of your affection.

Real Love takes you beyond the divide,
It opens eyes wide
Leaving nowhere to hide.

Real Love is all there is and ever will be,
The truth in plain sight
Life’s pure delight.

Real Love is what you are
A timeless state from afar.

By Wendy Harrington ©

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We look forward to hearing from you and wish you well on this sunny weekend.

Love Mike and Janie x

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