Think of Cornwall and you might have visions of sunny skies, ice creams and lazy beach days. But there is so much more to Cornwall than such summer scenes. Today we’re talking all things autumnal – and why, in our humble opinion, it’s one of the most underrated seasons in our county…
Less Crowded
First things firsts, the summer school holiday crowds are no more. While we love the buzz of summer, we don’t love the jam-packed roads, queues for attractions and not getting a table in our favourite restaurants. And while our towns and beaches aren’t dead in autumn – it’s a popular shoulder season – they are certainly far less crowded. If you’re planning to stay for a while after your wedding, autumn is a serene time of the year to explore the county with your new husband or wife.
Is Rover invited to your wedding? You might want to wait until October. Many of our finest beaches operate a seasonal dog ban which runs from Easter until the end of September. So if you visit after that, you’ll be able to explore a lot more of our county.
Dramatic Weather
Ruby red sunsets. Thunder spectacles. Classic Cornish mizzle. Unexpected sun. Autumn has it all when it comes to weather! And what could make a better wedding photo backdrop than a slice of theatrical weather?
Speaking of dramatic weather, storms are fantastic for beachcombing. Head to your favourite shore after a storm and the pickings will be rich thanks to stormy seas rolling in fresh new treasure. What could be more romantic than strolling down the beach with your beau?
Gorgeous Light
As the days become shorter, crisper and chiller we begin to see more and more of autumn’s famous golden light. In the summer the sun shines down on us directly overhead, casting everything with bright, unfiltered light. However as autumn rolls around the rays of light are longer and slanted. The golden hour in autumn is particularly good, so be sure to schedule in some shots with your photographer just before dusk sets in.
Delicious produce
Say goodbye to fresh summer salads and hello to more satisfying and comforting autumn nosh. When it comes to produce, autumn is the best for hearty meals. Think spiced pumpkin soup, fresh oysters, roasted grouse with lashings of veg, elderflower wine and sticky damson pudding. Now that should put a smile on your guests’ faces!
Heritage Open Days
If you’re planning on staying in the county for a few days and you’re a bit of a culture vulture, you might like to plan for September. For a few days during the month the UK hosts Heritage Open Days which showcase the county’s best architecture and culture by opening up the doors to properties that are usually closed to the public or incur an admission charge. This year’s dates are 7th – 10th September. You can check out WHY WE LOVE CORNWALL IN AUTUMN http://WHY WE LOVE CORNWALL IN AUTUMN. We’d love to climb the Gribbin Daymark and enjoy the stunning views!

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Love Janie x

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