How to write wedding vows with heart

Penning your own vows is one way to make your big day seriously special. After all, what could be more personal? Not only will it make your partner feel amazing, it’s a sweet way to let your guests in on what makes your relationship unique. And leaving the ceremony on such an emotionally charged high is a sure-fire way to kick off a reception buzzing with love.

But before you sit down and emulate your favourite scribe, it’s worth taking a quiet moment to reflect on a few simple questions. The answers will help shape your vows and give you a helpful starting point to writing really meaningful vows.

Why do you want to write your own vows?

Perhaps you want to say something really specific that isn’t covered in traditional vows, or maybe you simply want the ceremony to feel more personal and reflective of the two of you as a couple. There is no wrong answer, just have a think about why you’re motivated to write your own vows.

Why are you getting married?

What does marriage mean to you? And to your partner? Why is it that you want to enter into a marriage rather than simply living together? Is it about making it official? The security? Knowing someone’s always got your back? Because you can’t imagine it any other way?

What in-jokes or relationship quirks do you have?

Ever relationship has its own weird and wonderful culture. Picking a few quirks out is a perfect way to inject a little bit of you two into the ceremony. Maybe you have sweet or funny pet names for one another? Maybe you’re both serious sci-fi geeks? Use these quirks and get personal!

What do you particularly love about your partner?

Think big and small. Perhaps they make a mean Pad Thai or they always know what to say when you’re feeling down. Maybe they have attended every single one of your marathon races or perhaps they make you laugh every single day. Try and be as specific as possible here.

How do you want them to feel upon hearing your vows?

Excited? Special? Cherished? All of the above? Use this to tweak your vows appropriately. It might also influence any of the promises you choose to make. Use big and small examples to make it both meaningful and personal. For example, you might promise to always support them in difficult times as well as vowing to always do the washing up.

Once you’ve considered all of these points you’ll have a great basis for crafting personal and memorable vows that your partner will cherish forever.

All the best from us at Lower Barns!

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