How to elope like a boss

Eloping might be a lot less stressful than throwing a traditional ‘big’ wedding, but it still requires some planning! Here are six steps to planning your elopement like a total boss.

Choose a venue

First of all you need to decide where you want to get married. From a Las Vegas wedding chapel to the rural beauty of Cornwall, the options are endless when it comes to eloping. Here at Lower Barns, we specialise in small intimate elopements and have a range of packages. For example, our elopement packages start at just £799, and you can read all about our Cream Tea Package here. If you’re interested in planning your elopement with us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Plan your day

While you don’t have to worry about table settings for hundreds or catering to your uncle’s new wheat allergy, there is still some planning required. This might be as basic as organising your travel or it might involve making some simple decorations, going dress shopping and organising a photographer.

Them’s the rules

You’ll need to find out what the rules are in your chosen wedding destination. For example, a few states in the US demand a blood test! Here in Cornwall, we’re not quite that strict, but you’ll still need to submit marriage forms before your chosen date, conduct a pre-ceremony interview and book a registrar. To find out more, contact Cornwall Council: visit or call 0300 1234 181.

Say cheese

If you can afford to, it’s well worth hiring a photographer to capture your wedding. Not only will you have some beautiful images to reminisce over later, it’s a great way to let your nearest and dearest in on your big day without them actually being present. You may even like to hire a videographer. If you’re need of some inspiration, do check out our beautiful gallery. And Mike Cooksley is our in-house camera man, who will even take you to the beach for some snaps. Loads of his photo’s are on our gallery.

Plan an announcement

If you’re planning a proper old school elopement – that is, to run away and get married in secret – you’ll need to work out an announcement. Your closest family and friends (parents, for example) would probably appreciate a message in person. Otherwise, consider sending a traditional wedding announcement card or giving everyone a call.

Consider throwing a celebration party

To celebrate your new union with your closest family and friends, consider organising a little post-elopement get-together. It doesn’t have to be big or fancy; it could be a home-cooked dinner or even some casual drinks at the pub. The main thing is to round up your favourites and celebrate your happy news.

Happy elopement planning!

For more information on small intimate elopement weddings in Cornwall call us for a chat 01726 844881.

Love Janie x

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