Honeymoon your way around the creeks of Cornwall

Navigating Cornwall’s water ways: Kayaking in Cornwall

Often when we think about Cornwall and water, we see images of sandy beaches and barrelling waves crashing onto the shore. And these images are synonymous with our beautiful county. whilst Honeymooning in our luxury, boutique accommodation why not take your selfs of to explore this amazing coastline. Just a couple of miles from us Vault beach depicts a more rugged, hidden wilderness of a beach, which is as much a part of Cornwall’s charm as the Blue Flag beaches, packed with people.

However, a different image of water altogether is the tree lined smooth sheet of glassy blue and green that you see navigating through the many estuaries in Cornwall’s creeks. There is only one way to see these: by kayak. Well, or canoe. OK, so we lied, there are two ways!

The peace and tranquillity bestowed on you as you wind through the silent creeks and crevices of the estuaries bring you closer to nature in a way that no other form of exercise can. Silently gliding through still waters, disturbed only by reeds, egrets, cormorants and other wildlife is such a soothing experience. At once distancing you from the hustle and bustle of towns (even Cornish ones get busy in the summer), and creating a deep and almost primal connection with water and its wildlife, kayaking is an incomparable mode of transport.

Paddling along, marvelling at the Cornish trees and the odd quaint cottage allows you to listen to the rhythm of the rivers and connect with everything in its riparian banks. Whether you’ve done it before, or are a total novice and whether the stretch of water is virgin to you or you’ve drifted through it a thousand times before, you will almost always see something new. Barnacles creep closer to quay tops, branches hang low from treetops, and seaweed drapes across side rocks, home to crustaceans and river birds.

On gentle creeks such as those in the Fowey estuary, the waters are fairly calm and still, and yet still foster an agility and flexibility unrivalled by many other types of exercise. Sea kayaking allows you to face the challenges of riding with waves and opens up a wider world of exploration.

Kayaking engenders an unadulterated bond between you and the water.

Many of Cornwall’s best kept secrets are only accessible by water, which means that often visitors are not fortunate enough to experience their peace and tranquillity. Arriving at these places under your own volition is a sense of achievement in and of itself, and you benefit from the added bonus of having the secluded area to yourself. Pop a barbecue in the kayak, or get Janie to make you up a a picnic and you will want for nothing else as you glide in and out of creeks.

As the evening sun sinks into the land, the sense of adventure illuminates things you never imagined you’d see. Often the only sounds you hear are your own oar strokes and the faint rustling of reads or twitterings of birds. Hidden spots can become new memories for you as you uncover the secrets of kayaking Cornish riverways.

So if your looking for that alternative honeymoon and even eloping wedding venue Cornwall will tick all your needs. Your adventures will be the envy of all.

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