Give your wedding a Cornish twist

Have you got deep connections in Cornwall? Or perhaps you simply have an affinity with the area? Either way, giving your wedding a Cornish twist is the perfect nod to your special relationship with this beautiful county.

Food glorious food!

One of the easiest – not to mention tastiest – ways to inject a little Cornwall into proceedings is with food. First up is the humble pasty: so Cornish it enjoys protected EU status! The good news for budget conscious couples is pasties are an affordable catering option and super filling too. You can also customise to your guests’ preferences – though, really, you can’t go far wrong with a traditional option and a cheese and onion version for your veggie guests.

A cream team is not only suitably Cornish, but also a delightfully classic afternoon treat. Just remember to serve with the jam on first followed by a dollop of clotted cream! If you’re having a summertime soirée, you could serve up proper Cornish ice cream – you could even hire an ice cream van out for a touch of vintage charm.

For something less obvious, use local produce. From cheese platters stacked with Cornish cheese, to locally brewed beer, wine and cider – you’ll find something to suit every taste.

Delightfully Cornish décor

We’ve all got our favourite spots in Cornwall – one way to make them a part of your wedding is to name a table after each place. You could narrow it down to your favourite beaches and then have pebbles from that beach as name cards.

For a spot of all-out patriotism incorporate St. Piran’s Flag! You could hang an actual flag or bunting, or simple embrace the black and white colour scheme. If monochrome isn’t your bag, what about some Cornish tartan? You could make a statement with tartan tablecloths, bunting or – if the groom is up for it – wear Cornish kilts!

If subtlety is your style, you could use locally found and sourced items to decorate. Whether you use shells and seagrass from your favourite beaches or branches and log slices from a special forest, it’s sure to reflect your connection with the area.

A personal touch

Why not have some traditional Cornish Celtic music played during your day? If that’s not for you, the folk scene in Cornwall is huge and the perfect vibe for a chilled out summer wedding.

There are plenty of talented jewellers in this neck of the woods, and a pair of locally designed and made rings would be a lovely nod to your Cornish roots. You could even have a ring designed using a stretch of Cornish coast as the design. Speaking of jewellery, if you’re giving your bridesmaids and best man a present, how about a pasty bracelet charm and cufflinks?

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