Could you be the first wedding of its kind at Lower Barns and receive a 10% discount?!


Could you be the first wedding of its kind at Lower Barns and receive a 10% discount?!

Love doesn’t discriminate and neither do we here at Lower Barns. We have been blessed to have people from all walks of life walk through our doors, bringing with them their own unique qualities, and love story.

We are yet to welcome our first male, gay couple but really can’t wait until we do! In the spirit of all things romantic, we’re offering a 10% discount to you, should you wish to be the first we have the pleasure of welcoming.


Why you should choose Lower Barns for your special day?

Forget the stress of a big wedding, you can elope to our beautifully quirky, colourful and stress free venue here in the heart of Cornwall, where your wildest dreams become reality. We offer weddings exclusively for up to 20 people and we just LOVE to accommodate, so suit up, dress up and get ready to bust out your best moves in our Party Shed in celebration.


We understand how important your wedding is to you and your loved ones and always strive to make your day as perfect as can be. We believe hospitality is an essential part and ensure you will leave filled with bundles of love, laughter and happiness.


Lower Barns has evolved in a unique way for many years. Janie and Mike have travelled to many destinations across the world and thus have created a beautiful elopement to escape too, from the stunning graffiti on the walls to the design of the buildings, Lower Barns is prepared to amaze you and your family and friends.


If you would like to enquire about Lower Barns, whether it’s to discuss an Intimate Elopement Wedding to an Exclusive Wedding, we’re always up for a chat. Either phone Janie on 07795 411375 or if you prefer you can email at

Why not browse our website to explore other fantastic weddings we have had the pleasure of

Janie x

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A smile lasts a moment, the memory of Lower Barns lasts forever



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