The first day of your married life together at Lower Barns

Every elopement wedding at Lower Barns is different, with uniqueness carved out by the character of every couple saying ‘I do’.

There is a thread that runs through every do, too.  Small weddings at Lower Barns are no stress.  Couples that come here are saying ‘no’ to the fuss and worries of big weddings at big venues and with big budgets.  Small weddings at Lower Barns are about making it intimate, personal, creating memories and building foundations for the future.  It’s just about you.

Our three day elopement wedding packages mean that you can rock up and settle in and feel at home.  You may have a few close friends and family arriving and you’ll have fun getting to know the place together.  Taking a peak at everyone else’s room and catching up in the hot tub.  Maybe you take a trip into Mevagissey to eat together.

With a wedding ceremony on day 2 there will be preparations.  You may have ordered flowers, booked a massage, arranged for a hairdresser and makeup artist to arrive.  It’s lovely to take some time to lay out everything for your day, unlocking the love in and around you.  Your day will flow around the time of your ceremony and the arrival of your Registrars, before your ceremony.  Your celebrations will be what you want, inside or outside, with those you have chosen to share with.  Wedding Feasts can be as formal or informal as you like – we are happy if you want to sit down, stand up or to use forks or fingers!

We have a little recommendation to make at this stage ….  take a ‘day 3’ and make it just for yourselves.  Immerse yourselves into total togetherness.  This is a day to go real slow …. to see the things you only see when you slow down, enjoy your time together and being looked after by us, in the luxury of Lower Barns.

Breathe in the Cornish air, with no demands on your time, look around and let your senses savour. 

Laugh and have fun together and share your precious moments from your wedding day.  Chose your favourite pics, draw pictures of each other and your day, record your memories in a special book while they are alive and colourful in your minds.

If you want a trip out, The Lost Gardens of Heligan are just up the road.  It’s a perfect place to pick up a pasty and settle under a tree or in the Flower Garden to cement your memories, or take a trip to the Eden Project and be inspired about our planet.  Take a picnic to a quiet beach and make the sound of the waves part of your perfect time or take your eye to the coastline on the cliff tops.

If you have written your own wedding day vows, look over them and take the time to dream up how your year ahead will shape up and honour your special time with laughter, fun and love.

Call us to find our more about making your wedding ideas come alive, check dates, book into look around and get to know us on 01726 844881 or email

We look forward to hearing from you,

Love Janie x

P.S. If you have children, they will just LOVE this day of togetherness!

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