Della and Joe’s intimate Cornish runaway wedding. “The knowledge of love is the most precious pearl of them all”

It didn’t take long to put together the running order for the wedding of Della and Joe. What they cared about was so crystal clear; to be together with their nearest and dearest while they tied the knot.

Everyone joined together in the Lounge for a hearty full English breakfast to start the day. The importance of keeping everyone fed and watered is always at the front of our minds, particularly on a day so loaded with excitement and lots of time spent outdoors in the sun.

The vintage games from Box and Cox are a real winner. We had games set up early in the morning; it’s never just the little ones that get a bit competitive with a Hoopla. The excitement and atmosphere built as we decorated the garden, Tracy Voulker arrived with the flowers to assemble, and the cake was delivered by ‘The Baking Bird’. There were plenty of ‘ooh’s and ‘ah’s from guests relaxing in the morning sun; because we are a small and intimate venue, they were able to sit, relax and ‘people watch’ while it all happened around them.

There is a lot of merit in some simple but tasty sandwiches, which went down well before my Mum, Alice, gave Della and Joe a blessing in the garden of The Hideaway, with everyone beside the gypsy caravan in the afternoon sun. Alice’s words were so meaningful and heartfelt on the importance of love in our lives and the challenges involved with the commitment of marriage. She told the ancient story about why we call getting married ‘tying the knot’ and surprised Della and Joe with an actual ‘Fisheman’s Knot’ and demonstrated its meaning. Listening to these beautiful words being shared in such an engaging way is a real reminder about our own loves, lives, journeys and priorities and to hold onto the simple but sometimes forgotten matter that “the knowledge of love is the most precious pearl of them all”.

We brought out baskets of homemade pasties after the blessing, served the ‘proper’ Cornish way in paper bags. A time to sit down and share the stories that don’t often get told, even in the closest of families. This was a welcome time to savour. It’s this kind of ‘space’ and sharing where deeply happy memories are made.

The sun shone brightly for the 5 o clock ceremony. Della looked stunning, (and slightly nervous!) as she came out of Cranny, holding tightly to the hand of her daughter Beau, beautiful in blue and two adorable flower girls, into the main garden and down the aisle to The Wed Shed, where Joe was waiting, with his son Jude as best man beside him. You could see the nerves disappear as she picked up the love, smiles and warmth of their families and friends surrounding her and ‘their’ song ‘At Last’ by Etta James joining the birdsong in this special moment.

Della and Joe took their camper ‘Cali’ down to the beach for an hour of quiet, intimate, togetherness before the evening hog roast, speeches, partying and dancing to old vinyl in the Party Shed.

Great times and great memories. Feeling lucky, happy and grateful to have shared it.

Janie x

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