Considering eloping? Here’s why you should!

Are you considering eloping? We’re not surprised! It flashes through many couples’ minds when they’re in the depths of wedding planning.

We know a thing or two about elopements here at Lower Barns – in fact we specialise in them! So if you’re looking for some more reasons why eloping might be the best idea you’ve had yet, here are four…

You’ll save money

According to a survey by Brides Magazine, the typical wedding in the UK now costs around £24,000. If that seems like an insane amount, and you’re running through a mental list of all the things that money could be spent on (a house deposit, a year off work, luxury travel), then take a deep breath. It doesn’t have to be like that. You can plan a normal sized wedding for considerably less than that, but saving money is even easier if you’re planning to elope as you only have two people to pay for!

It’s romantic

Running off with your lover to get married in secret is about as romantic as it gets! Many couples find that once they start planning a traditional wedding, other people start to think it’s about them. There’s the mum who’s worried about matching organza chair sashes; the bridesmaid who wants to look like something out of Vogue and the general guests who are – understandably – looking to be wined and dined appropriately. You can quickly forget all that with an elopement where there are only two opinions that matter: the bride and groom’s. And if you think an elopement will upset your nearest and dearest, you could always celebrate with your families later as a compromise.

And if it’s romance you’re after – you’ll find plenty of it here. Meander through the scented gardens to The Wed Shed: a stunning structured nestled in nature is the perfect spot for outdoorsy couples to exchange vows. When the weather gets a bit British, couples can wed in The Shack or The Lounge complete with a romantic and warming fire.

Eloping is easier to plan

Everyone has met a Bridezilla before. They’re fairly intolerable, but it’s actually quite understandable behaviour – planning a wedding is hard graft! There are so many things to organise and plan, it’s little wonder you end up with a super stressed out couple by the end of it! An elopement relieves you of a lot of wedding planning stress. It also allows you to start your new lives as just the two of you, rather than having to mingle and please distant relatives you haven’t spoken to in years.

At Lower Barns, we’ve noticed that eloping allows couples to get married a lot quicker as the timescale can be significantly shortened. The only real issue is making sure you can secure your registrar on the desired day.

Enjoy an epic honeymoon

With all that money you’ll save not throwing an extravagant wedding, you may be able to afford a pretty amazing honeymoon. And let’s face it, would you rather drop thousands on feeding your great aunt caviar canapés or two weeks chilling on a tropical island, piña colada in hand? Yeah, exactly.

Are you thinking of eloping? Why not give us a call on 01726 844881. The team at Lower Barns is always ready to help and make your elope to Cornwall wedding unique, bespoke and intimate.

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