Child’s play: keeping kids entertained

Happy children make great wedding guests: they’re funny and their excitement is infectious. The overtired, hungry and bored variety, however, are much less fun! To keep them sweet, you’re going to need to keep them entertained. Here are a few of our top ideas for keeping big smiles on little faces.

Fun in the sun

If you’re planning a summer wedding and your reception venue has a suitable outside space, garden games are a great shout for keeping kids entertained. You could opt for some old-fashioned lawn games such as bowls or croquet. For something a bit more modern, Twister or giant Jenga is sure to keep spirits high. If you’re short on space even a few skipping roles and hula-hoops could provide plenty of fun.

Beat boredom with board games

This is England, so there is always the threat of a downpour. Be prepared and stock up on a few failsafe board games such as Guess Who? or Monopoly. It’ll get the kids mingling and keep them occupied.

No grown-ups allowed

Space permitting, create a special ‘kids only’ area for them to retreat to when boredom strikes. Not only will this keep them entertained, but stick up a ‘No Grown-ups Allowed’ sign and they’ll also appreciate the exclusivity of it.

Movie night

If your designated kids spot is in a separate area, consider transforming it into a movie area in the evening, perfect for chilling out before bedtime. Add some beanbags, throws and popcorn and we’re pretty sure things will go silent.

Hunting for treasure

If you’ve got the time, plan a treasure hunt at the venue. Split the kids into two teams, give them a clue sheet and watch them work. Alternatively, you could plan a photography scavenger hunt. Give each kid a disposable camera and a list of things to take a picture of and they’ll be snap-happy for hours. Bonus: you might even get some surprisingly good extra shots!

Get quizzical

Create a kid-friendly quiz that they can all answer. This is a great way to keep them occupied during dinner, especially if they’re on their own kids’ table. Ask a mix of questions to suit all age ranges and keep everyone happy and involved.

Let me entertain you

If you’ve got the budget, why not hire a children’s entertainer? Magicians are always popular and it’s not only the little ones that will be hooked. Alternatively, you could book a face painter. Remember to take any formal photographs you’d like before your mini guests are turned into tigers/butterflies/Elsa!

Are you inviting kids to your wedding? Let us know your entertainment ideas in the comments below!

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Love Janie x

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