Checking out the new trends at London’s biggest Wedding Fair

The Wedding Fair at Olympia will just be closing its doors after a busy few days of engaging with thousands of people interested in weddings.

It’s been brilliant to develop our own unique style of wedding ceremony at Lower Barns.  After 19 years of B&B we knew our award winning business was Gold for food, service, design, gardens and the ‘way’ we do things.  With our uniqueness centred around romance and giving couples the place and space to stay and play with us to relax and rekindle, it was an obvious next step to open the door for couples to get married too.

We know how much our couples value the opportunity to have a couple of nights in one of our luxury suites, alongside a great ceremony room.  Offering top notch canapés, champagne and food to feast on goes without saying. 

From our many years of looking after honeymooning couples we could see the stress couples have  often endured in the months and sometimes years in planning and preparing their big day, so our goal has been to offer an alternative – a space for intimacy with no stress or fuss.  It’s about creating a day about ‘just you two’, loaded with everything the couple wants – their favourite cake, music, drinks, food and most importantly spending the time together and enjoying every single moment.  We see couples in the hot tub 10 minutes before their ceremony, having fun which is enriched with the luxury, colourful backdrop at Lower Barns.

As we are always inspired to look for new ideas and to add to our packages to make sure every need is met, Janie and Rachel took a trip out of our beloved Cornwall to visit the biggest Wedding Fair there is, to take a look at the up and coming trends in dresses, cakes, make up, food, service and wedding planning.  We are always on the look out for eco products and were after the best confetti to meet our strict criteria.  And on that note, we hope you will agree with our ban on plastic straws and ask that anybody who wants straws to go with their ‘bring your own booze’ agree to bring either metal or bamboo straws which can be used time over and won’t hurt our beautiful planet in the way plastic does.

What did we see that was new or different?  We saw some great dresses but nothing to beat the recycled, home made, alternative, original and really personal frocks we so often see.  And we can absolutely confirm that in Cornwall we are surrounded by highly talented suppliers of cakes, photography, flowers and all the added extras like music and games.  We had an amazing and inspired trip, tasting some fabulous wine and cheese along the way and have returned to Cornwall knowing that in Cornwall and at Lower Barns we are absolutely getting it right.  That said, we watch every review with a hawk’s eye for detail about anything we can improve on and welcome feedback on every level.  If you have any ideas for us, please share below.

In the meantime, lots of the love from me and the team,

Janie x

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