“You Can Celebrate The Start Of Your Marriage Absolutely However You Want”

“You Can Celebrate The Start Of Your Marriage Absolutely However You Want”

As much as you might want to bury your head in the sand when getting married, setting and sticking to a budget is really important. 

We see all these wedding reality T.V programmes spiral out of control. Bride and Grooms falling out with each other as well as trying to please everyone else. Regardless of how much you think you have to spend, planning an amazing wedding is completely possible. You certainly don’t have to spend tens of thousands. If your’e clever with the choice of venue and don’t get swept up in wedding mania, you’ll be surprised how far your money will go. While crunching numbers is way less fun than, say, dress shopping and choosing your wedding flowers, having a hold on your wedding finances will make things a lot less stressful overall and will help you keep everything in perspective.

Yes that Chanel one-of-a-kind wedding dress is fantastic but do you really want to spend 90% of your wedding funds on it?

After all, you’re planning for a marriage here – not just a wedding day. You so don’t want to be starting married life under crippling financial strain.

First things first. Sit down with your fiancé and work out what type of venue and day you would both like, and who you would like to share it with.

Exclusive hire of stately homes or hotels could set you back upwards of £20,000, whereas a small boutique intimate venue won’t cost the earth for an exclusive wedding or if your’e just eloping, it’s even cheaper. You will still get all that you dreamed of and often more. Small intimate wedding and humanist ceremony venues are popping up all over the country.  So find that old money box or open a wedding account and start saving now. Lots of venues will always let you pay monthly. It will keep your head in check so you don’t end up buying something you regret but more than that, it will help you to plan a dream wedding that you can actually afford!

Here at Lower Barns we have tried to make up a range of packages to help your budgets and you can pay monthly installments. So why not get in touch for a chat and see if we can make your dreams come true.

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