Benefits of booking an intimate wedding venue

Everything we do is with our couples in mind, so when you come to Lower Barns you’ll find that every little detail throughout our venue has been created with complete love and attention. From the choice of cushions, to our delicious home cooked food and our most recent addition, the ‘Tunnel of Love’ which Mike has handcrafted himself and is set to be unveiled in the next few weeks – everything is chosen carefully with you and your loved one in our minds.

We know that your wedding day will be one of the most incredible of your life; it’ll be unique and like no other, which is exactly what we want to it be! Here are just a few reasons you may want to spend yours at an intimate wedding venue like our own…

Just your nearest and dearest

Naturally an ‘intimate’ wedding venue is smaller than the average, which means you will have a smaller guest list. This is by no means a negative as it gives you the chance to spend more quality time with your guests, and be surrounded by the people who mean the most to you. We have all been to a wedding where we’ve only had a five-minute chat with the newlyweds or worse yet, no time together at all!

Less expensive

Paying less doesn’t always mean getting less. When it comes to a small or elopement wedding you can be sure that you’ll be the centre of attention throughout your day, and often at a fraction of the cost of a larger exclusive wedding venue.

A more personal service

We’re very hands on and have just a small team supporting us, which is typical of an intimate wedding venue like our own. We really take time to get to know our couples and what they like. We’ve made so many wonderful friends with couples that have married here over the years as it feels like we are one big family for the duration.

Keep it simple

If the thought of planning a wedding makes you feel nervous, choosing an intimate venue will no doubt help ease your mind as there’s naturally a lot less planning involved. You won’t have to draw up a complicated seating plan, or cater for a whole host of dietary requirements! Plus, we always tell our couples that I am only at the other end of the phone and can assist you every step of the way.

Somewhere with soul!

This is what makes our venue so special and it’s why so many people literally fall in love when they come here. Mike and I live and breathe Lower Barns, so our passion is displayed everywhere you look. It’s intimate, personal and utterly romantic – the main ingredients we feel make the perfect wedding.

If you would like more information just email me as we would love to share your day with you guys.

Janie x

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