Believe the Hype…

We love to hear what our guests say about us here at Lower Barns and with Trip Advisor they certainly do.
Lower Barns is owned and run by two of the nicest, most talented and down to earth people you could meet. Janie and Mike have put heart and soul into this place and the result is an absolute haven of peace and luxury. Every single room (and we’ve stayed in many of them) is as good as the next. You might think that they have employed a top interior designer to do the rooms but it is all their own work. Some of the rooms have hot tubs but there is also a ‘communal’ one as well. There is a fantastic party room that they have created out of an outbuilding/shed which has to be seen. Twinkling lights, candles, disco lights, and a brilliant ‘DJ’ area. They also cook amazing dinners to eat in the party shack although be sure to book those before you arrive. Breakfast is served around a large, round communal table – a little bit odd if you aren’t very social in the mornings but you very quickly get used to chatting to the other guests about where they have been etc. It has become an incredibly popular place for weddings over the past few years and you can see why that is. This is my favourite and only ‘go back to’ place – you never actually feel like a guest.
If you are interested in staying in one of our  luxury boutique apartments or even getting married here within our Intimate wedding ceremony rooms. This is no ordinary venue its filled with love, colours and quirky spaces to chill or say “I Do”. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for a chat. for luxury B&B or if your looking for an intimate Elopement wedding venue a smile last a moment but the memory of lower barns last a life time.
Janie x





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