Being a small ’boutique’ wedding venue in Cornwall

If ‘boutique’ is originally the Greek word for ‘storehouse’ and the French word for ‘shop’, then at Lower Barns we are definitely a ‘shop’ for those looking for a luxury, relaxing place to recharge, or to lock their lips and lives; getting in married in a small, stylish, luxury surroundings.All kinds of organisations describe themselves as ‘boutique’, even banks and law firms. It’s a way to distinguish from the larger chains while communicating values of being small, elite and highly specialised.

At Lower Barns ‘small’ means just 8 rooms. Weddings are for a maximum of 20 people. It makes everything we do meaningful and intimate. Guests won’t have to queue or wait. Our small team are part of the family, they know what they are doing and they love our guests. Our team know to expect change; being small we can make changes quickly and easily. We love to upgrade; it’s positive, uplifting and continually gives us and our guests excitement. Travelling, near or far, means we can bring back ‘something’ or an idea, to enrich our mix of interiors and exteriors.

You can sleep in a beach hut style cabin, The Hideaway, with a romany caravan in it’s own private garden. Further across the garden, is The Party Shed, with it’s vinyl collection, wood burner and luxury sofa’s to kick back and relax. You will find The Wed Shed, a tiny chapel inspired by our journeys to Mexico or The Shack telling of our love of Scandinavia, with candles, fire and extravagant cushions to add plenty of ‘hyggye’. Nook‘s luxury flows with riotous colour, echoes of South America and an overall industrial feel, while Cranny is evocative of Provence as you pass the olive tree, lavender and herb borders on your way in; before warming your toes by the wood burner.

The Lounge, over all the years has been a hub for our guests; with breakfast served together around the huge table. The Lounge is our latest big change. The last 12 months saw it explode into a celebration space for bigger, indoor weddings. Even when the weather is good and outdoor, al fresco weddings are the thing, it can be a tough choice between The Wed Shed and The Lounge. We have taken colours further than ever been before, transformed pieces of furniture (Mike did squirm at the idea to start with) and commissioned the inspiring Ben Allen make us art to inspire us, amuse us and remind us that every day is new and to be made the most of, to live the best lives we possibly can. (Ben Allen also successfully graffiti’d our wall in the garden, with the ‘ever happy’ parakeet to remind us that we are always surrounded by LOVE).

Being such a small team at our boutique place, we are able to engage with our guests and very importantly listen to them. Loads of our ideas come from our guests. Meeting the needs of our guests continually excites us, and exceeding them is what we aim to do every day.

If you have an enquiry, please pick up the phone and speak to us on 01726 844881 or email We look forward to hearing from you.

Love Janie x

P.S. Our Cream Tea Wedding Elopement Package is on special offer until 2nd April 2017, from just £799.

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