A Relaxed Do for two at Lower Barns

Tiffany and Alex had been together for just over 18 months when they decided to get married. “We wanted a wedding which was about us, and what we wanted. The idea of eloping came to us as quite a surprise but once we found Lower Barns we knew it was definitely for us,” explains Tiffany. “Janie’s enthusiasm was infectious – she was so excited for us. I knew that she and Mike would provide us with the personal experience we were looking for.” The unique, colourful character of our wedding venue and the romance of the location also proved tempting. “The venue looked so quirky and unique, and the thought of walking along the beach after the ceremony just blew us away,” she says. They set the date within weeks.

Planning the wedding couldn’t have been easier. “Having had a tough few months, we needed something that required as little stress as possible,” says Tiffany. “All we had to plan was what we would wear, what time and our flowers.” Tiffany chose a gorgeous knee-length dress, while Alex opted for a navy waistcoat and trousers. A cluster of blue hydrangeas made for a pretty bouquet and buttonhole, which were arranged by florist Tracey Volkner.

The day panned out in relaxed and magical style. “Waking up together in our fabulous room knowing we were getting married was just amazing,” reflects Tiffany. “Knowing it was a huge secret added to the excitement.”

After a delicious and hearty Lower Barns’ breakfast, the couple prepared themselves for the ceremony and enjoyed a glass of bubbly. “I remember coming out of Cranny and seeing the Wed Shed all set up,” she says. “It was so bright and full of colour, I was in tears and had to redo my make-up!”

The sun was shining as the couple took their vows. “The ceremony was so intimate – just what we had hoped for.” Emerging into the sunshine, Tiffany and Alex toasted their newly-wedded status with bubbly and canapés.”

The couple had a huge surprise waiting for them after posing for a few photos in our gypsy caravan. “My mum and dad had gatecrashed!” says Tiffany – the surprise being all the more jaw-dropping considering her dad had just undergone gruelling cancer treatment. “Alex and I were both thrilled that they had come to join us.” The four of them headed to one of our beautiful local beaches, Gorran, for a walk before returning to a delicious feast served in the candlelit magic of The Shack.

Reeling from their relaxing and romantic wedding, Tiffany is full of praise for our intimate wedding venue. “Alex and I had the most beautiful wedding we could have wished for and a fantastic start to married life, which far exceeded any expectations we had,” she says. “Janie and Mike were so welcoming and had it not been for them and their personalities, I doubt we would have had the same experience. We cannot wait to return soon.”

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