A Cornish wedding proposal in a bottle…

Soul mates, Della and Joe, were in Cornwall on holiday in their the VW camper, called Cali.

At Gwithian beach the tide was coming in and the surf was up. Della, was ahead of Joe, heading towards the sea in her wetsuit, board under her arm and could hear Joe calling her, and she was saying “yeah…OK!” while she was chatting to a camper fanatic she had just met. Finally she turned around and Joe was beckoning her to look inside a cave; raving about the colours of orange and gold.

He pointed to a bottle “I think it’s got a message in it – have a look”.

Della said “It’s not mine! I can’t look at that!!”.

After a little nagging, she found, inside, on parchment paper, a message saying

“You’ve been my rock, now turn around because I’v got one for you. Will you marry me?”.

And when she turned around, there he was on one knee, holding out the most beautiful engagement ring.

A friend of Joe’s had grown up near Gwithian beach and told great stories about the caves and smugglers, which stuck with Joe and gave him the idea. He had shared his idea only with their daughter Beau.

A couple of days later they were at Charlestown, exploring Cornwall and bumped into Mike and Janie, who were interested in the camper. The conversation flowed and Mike and Janie invited Della and Joe to Lower Barns for drinks. After hitting it off so well with Mike and Janie, they then fell in love with Lower Barns and the story behind it; Mike and Janie having built it themselves, their designs, the colours and the fact they felt so at home. A close and lasting friendship had begun.

Della and Joe were staying at Lower Barns when the wedding licence was agreed. The decision to be married at Lower Barns was instant and took no more than a look and a nod. Lower Barns was the perfect venue, Mike and Janie the perfect hosts. Della and Joe didn’t look at anywhere else.

All the wedding planning has been done with the help of Janie, and her endless ideas. Della said “it’s really laid back and I would trust Janie with anything. I haven’t had to worry at all. Mike and Janie have made our wedding”.

And the bit Della is looking forward to the most……becoming Mrs Fisher.

Look out next Saturday, we will be sharing some photo’s and footage of this exciting wedding. We can’t wait for them to arrive in Cali, with their nearest and dearest for a love fuelled, weekend extravaganza, with sea air, playlists for every eventuality, food, fun, flowers and fabulous frolics, whatever the weather. Laughter and love are guaranteed when this special pair make their vows in the most intimate way and lock their lips and lives forever.

We are always interested to hear stories about marriage proposals – what was yours, go on please share.

Rachel x

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