8 awesome autumn favours

If you’re planning an autumnal wedding, why not have favours to match? Not only will they fit seamlessly into your day, guests will appreciate the extra thoughtful detail. Here are eight of our favourite autumn favours:

Homemade chutney or jam:

Have you got a glut of gorgeous fruit and veg that needs using up? Transform your goodies into chutneys or jams. As well as being seasonal, chutney or jam is something guests will actually use – unlike, say, a miniature framed photograph of the bride and groom!

Mini bottles of maple syrup:

Who doesn’t like maple syrup pancakes? Exactly. So kick your guests’ breakfast up a notch with a mini bottle of the sweet stuff. You can either buy them individually, or for the thrifty and steady-handed, you can buy a bigger bottle and decant yourself.

Scented candles:

Candles make a home feel homely, and that’s even truer as the nights draw in. Give your guests the gift of ‘hygge’ (the newly popular Danish approach to happiness) and give them a candle as a favour. Suitably autumnal scents include cinnamon, peppercorn, cedar and pumpkin.

Leaf-shaped everything:

From cute cookie cutters to cheeky bottle openers or even some studious bookmarks, go leaf themed for a strong autumnal vibe. Go one step further and DIY some mini sweet leaf art. Pinterest is a gold mine for such ideas.

Sweet treats:

If nothing tempts you out of the kitchen besides the Great British Bake Off – this one is for you. Mini baked goodies are a sure-fire hit with most guests, so why not whip up a batch of autumn themed bakes? Try apple caramel cupcakes, mini pumpkin pies or cinnamon spiced cookies. We’re already drooling.

Hot water bottles:

When the temperature drops is there anything more comforting than a hot water bottle? We don’t think so! Go for autumn themed covers or make them personal with the first letter of each guest’s name.


We love Bonfire Night for all sorts of reasons, not least because of all the fun you can have with sparklers. Recreate this vibe by giving out a set of sparklers as a favour. Just think of all the cool photo opportunities, too.

Hot chocolate kits:

Hot chocolate is 100% one of the best things about autumn so of course it makes a magnificent favour. Pop some hot chocolate powder and marshmallows (along with a chocolate spoon and waffle straw if you’re feeling fancy) into a mug. Wrap up with cellophane and some twine and add a cute note. Ta da!

Planning an autumn wedding? Let us know your fab favour ideas in the comments below!

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