7 tips for wedding dress success

Congratulations – you’ve found the one and you’re going to get married! Now you need to find the other one. That’s right – today we’re talking wedding dress shopping! Feeling daunted? Here are 7 tips to help you find your perfect wedding dress.

Have a budget

Wedding dresses can be very expensive; you could quite easily spend a small house deposit on a gown (budgets willing)! So with that in mind, work out how much you can afford to spend and stick to it. This simplifies the shopping experience as once you’ve got a number you know there is no point in trying on dresses over your budget. And remember, you really don’t have to spend a fortune!

Limit numbers

Yes, you should limit the numbers when you go shopping – even if your bridal party contains your 3 BFFs and all your second cousins! If you invite everyone along, you’re going to get a lot of opinions and it might start to cloud your own judgement. Our advice? Take just one or two of your most trusted companions (mums, grandmothers and best friends are popular choices).

Wear the right lingerie

If you haven’t got your dress yet, it’s unlikely you’ve got your wedding lingerie either. So at this point stick to a simple strapless bra and a pair of plain pants, both ideally in nude. If you have your shoes, bring them along, but don’t worry about this too much as most bridal shops have a pair you can try on.

Keep an open mind

You might have a very clear idea of what you want, whether that’s a slinky minimalist number or a full-on princess style gown to rival Kate Middleton’s! Of course you should try on dresses in your desired style, but it’s well worth trying on a range of different looks. You might just surprise yourself.

Ask the right questions

When you try a dress on for the first time, ask yourself how does it make me feel? Do I feel confident in it? Will it suit my wedding day? For example, a steel boned corset might give you the waist of Marilyn Monroe, but will it suit your laid-back wedding? Similarly, a long-sleeved lace number isn’t the best option for July! Ask all the right questions and you’ll be well prepared for when the day arrives.

Take notes and research

Don’t make any rash decisions. Instead, note down the dresses you’re interested in and what you liked and disliked. After a few shopping trips, a pattern will (hopefully) emerge. You might love dresses with beading detail or prefer a midi-length – this will allow you to narrow down your choices further.

Trust your gut

You might not have a Hollywood ‘this is the one’ moment, but you should definitely be able to imagine yourself walking down the aisle in it. Tissues at the ready – things could get emotional!

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Love Janie x

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