Congratulations – you’re getting married! Now it’s time to pop the other big question and ask your favourite ladies to be your bridesmaids. Here a few ideas which are more memorable than a group Whatsapp message…
A hidden message
Keep them guessing with a hidden message. You could slip the question into a fortune cookie – top points if you dish it out after enjoying a Chinese takeaway. If you don’t live close enough to pop round for a takeaway, why not send a balloon that they have to blow up to read the message? Speaking of messages – why not put one in a bottle and post it their way? If time is on your side, you could even fashion a crossword they have to fill out. If time is on their side why not send them a puzzle they have to put together?
A reminder
Got a forgetful pal? Stick your question on something that will double up as a reminder – perhaps a fridge magnet?
Say it with sentiment
Why not get a personalised photo frame and pop a photo of the two of you in it? If they’re likely to cry with happiness on your big day, you could give them an embroidered handkerchief that asks the question. If you’re crafty why not print out some sweet and relevant messages like ‘will you be my bridesmaid?’, ‘veil adjuster’ and ‘lipstick carrier’ and pop them in a glass bauble?
Send something delicious
It’s hard to say no when faced with something sugary. Say it the sweet way and bake them some cupcakes asking if they’ll be your bridesmaid. If you’re no Nigella, you could always get a professional to bake a cake. Go simple with sweeties or lollipops that pop the question or send chocoholics a box of truffles or chocolates. Failing that, a personalised message stuck on their favourite tipple will always go down a treat.
If your bridesmaids-to-be love a bit of bling, say it in their language with a piece of jewellery. A question of proposal along with a ring is an obvious choice. Likewise, go for something with a knot or bow in it and ask them to help you tie the knot.
With humour
Make them laugh with a fun and humorous card poking fun at bride clichés. Something along the lines of ‘I hereby promise not to turn into a bridezilla. There will be no unflattering colours and I won’t make you do crafts.’
Bridesmaid kit
To really prepare your bridesmaids-to-be, send them a bridesmaid kit ahead of the big day. The great thing about putting one together yourself is you can personalise it however you like. Some useful items to include could be mints, lip balm, plasters, bobby pins and a mini bottle of their favourite spirit.


Hope you like these ideas, please share ideas you’ve used, we would love to know.


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Love Janie x

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