You will know by now that here at Lower Barns we’re big on small intimate weddings. And if you’re reading this, chances are you are too. But how on earth do you go about whittling down your guest list? We’ve been in the business of small ‘big days’ for a while now, so here are our top six tips for editing your guest list down.

Draw up a list of everyone you’d like to invite and then start prioritising. Consider each guest and ask whether you could imagine getting married without them. If the answer is no, they stay. However if you could imagine getting married without them, ask yourself if they really need to be on your guest list.

Set some ground rules
Setting rules might sound arbitrary, but if you’re truly stuck it’s worth a shot. A few examples include whether you’ve heard from the guest in question in the last year or so. Another useful option is to check that you and your partner have both met them before. This should help you weed out guests you are only inviting out of guilt or obligation.

Consider adults only
Unless you have lots of important children in your life, consider an adults only policy. Many of your parent friends will relish the chance to enjoy an evening sans kids! If you have this rule, do make sure you enforce it with everyone to save any upset.

Be clear on plus-ones
Make it crystal clear exactly who is invited to ensure you don’t end up with unexpected guests. On that note, being super strict with plus-ones is a good way to keep your guest list looking trim. Where better to start than with people you don’t know? Of course some nuance is required here – your best friend’s partner of several years is a bit different to your cousin’s one-month whirlwind romance!

Let go of obligations
Don’t feel obliged to invite your work colleagues if you’re not actually friends outside of work. Similarly, don’t feel obliged to invite people just because you were invited to their wedding. Perhaps they had a bigger budget, bigger guest list, or maybe you’ve just drifted apart now. Let go of obligations and your list will thank you.

Financial considerations
If you’re receiving a financial contribution towards your wedding, you may need to take the relatives’ feelings towards the guest list into account. Hopefully they will understand your desire for a small and intimate affair, but it’s certainly worth discussing with them.

Are you planning to give your guest list a thorough edit? Let us know your rules or plans below!

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Love Janie x

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