11 FABULOUS Favour Ideas (that won’t break the budget!)

On the lookout for some fun favour ideas which don’t cost the earth? Look no further – here are 11 of our favourite easy-to-make (or even buy) ideas…

  1. Temporary tattoos

Once reserved for kids, temporary tattoos have been given a stylish makeover in recent years. Pick a design which fits in with the aesthetics of your day; we love simple, minimal designs that are no fuss to apply. Go for florals for a summer themed big day or pick out designs in gold for a glamorous take on the trend.  

  1. Cake pops

Bake up a batch of customised cake pops which not only make excellent favours, but can also be used as a name place if you’re running short on time. Use flavours that reflect the season you’re in – what about a lemon and elderflower combination? Delicious!  

  1. Truffles

If cake pops sound too much like hard work why not whip up a tray of truffles to gift to your beloveds? There are recipes out there for raw chocolate truffles which can come together in under 30 minutes – how’s that for a last minute idea? 

  1. Floral sachets

Fill mini hessian or muslin bags with dried flowers – your guests can take them home to make their drawers smell amazing! Pick flowers used in the wedding or opt for traditionally aromatic varieties such as lavender or rose. 

  1. Succulents 

If you like the idea of plants but fiddling about with dried petals and hessian sounds complicated, consider the gift of a small succulent. These easy-to-care-for plants are bang on-trend and will look amazing at a laidback rustic wedding too. Winner winner!  

  1. Fans

Set for a scorcher? Bulk buy some pretty paper fans for your guests to keep cool. 

  1. A Rubik’s cube

If your gang are into retro puzzles or enjoy a challenge, treat them to the gift of the ultimate brainteaser! 

  1. Scented candles

Who doesn’t like a bubble bath with a beautifully scented candle? Pick a scent which reflects your day – sea salt could work brilliantly for a Cornish wedding or what about peony for the perfect summer scent? You could even make your own if you’ve got some time and the artistic inclination. 

  1. Sparklers

Planning an outdoor evening soirée? Give your guests a sparkler each. We guarantee they’ll love it. And just think of the photos! 

  1. A playlist

If you’re confident in your DJ skills why not put the soundtrack to your big day on CDs for your guests to take home? Make sure it looks as good as it sounds with a stylish design or label. 

  1. Scratch card

Give the gift of a thrill! 

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